About us

Who are we?

Human beings are social creatures, It has been scientifically proven that we need each other to survive and thrive. To support the performing arts educators across Ireland, a newly formed collective of industry professionals, with recognised qualifications and experience, have created the Advocacy Group now known as the Performing Arts Educators of Ireland (PAEI). 


In Ireland alone, there are a large number of Performing Art schools, with high number of students attending these schools. We are currently in the process of collating precise data to further our understanding of these schools and use that understanding to better the support we offer. 

Our Aims


  • To provide a voice for performing arts educators in Ireland. 

  • To help legitimise & regulate our industry

  • To aid in sourcing funding for our industry

  • To foster communication and collaborative opportunities for our members

  • To provide support, practical advice and help to our members

The Committee

Chairperson - Pamela Hughes - Take2 Performing Arts

Assistant Chairperson - Gavin Quigley - Born 2 Perform Stage School

Secretary - Suzanne Byrne - Stars of the West Dance and Performance School

Treasurer - Róisín Curran - Showtime Theatre School

Digital Presentation - Gillian Oman - The Independent Theatre Workshop

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